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How to hard reset / format / flush Sony x10a / x10i / x10 mini pro!

After spending few weeks with android devices like Sony Xperia x10 and Sony xperia x10 mini pro, one thing I get to know is about the possibility of screw up like forgetting the Google account password or your lock code or simply mess up the settings !!!

With older Symbian OS based phones being mainstream, its easy to find both online and off line help to hard reset the device to its original factory delivered state. However with android devices like Sony Xperia x10 / x10 mini pro, hard resetting is not that simple.

Why would someone need to hard reset / format or flush the firmware of the device phone ?

  • Forgot the Password of Google account ?
  • Forgot the password / lock code of your phone it self
  • Virus infection (yeah, beware of those malware in android market place)
  • Messed up settings or need of cleaning junk.
  • User switch (you need to sell it off or give to it to friend of family)

Hard reset or format cleans all data and installed apps, wipes out all the password or lock codes and brings the phone to its original factory settings.

How to format / hard reset / flush the ROM of Sony Xperia x10 / x10 mini pro to restore it back to original factory settings of Android OS ?


Its a state of the art modern smart phone and unlike older smart phones of Symbian platform (like nokia and such), where pressing few buttons together would have restored the factory settings, here one needs to follow a pretty complicated process and needs to have access to a PC with live broadband internet connection.

Step 1

Step one would be obtaining the flushing software from sony website.

Download -> Sony PC Suite (18mb)

The Sony PC Suite System requirement,

* Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
* USB port running PC

Install the software

Step 2

This software is not designed to work with Sony xperia x10 or x10 mini pro, but this software comes with an option which allows deployment of the Android OS to a phone listed with it.

Click Window and the phone repair.

Once you start searching for updating options, it may take a while unless you have a fast or broadband internet connection. The software will search sony servers for the available phone firmware and updated OS for the respective device.

Once it complete the process, please scroll down to select your device from the given list.

Step 3

After you select your device from the available list, it would ask you to connect your phone.

  • First switch off your phone.
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Hold down the back key while you connect the phone with PC using USB cable.

Step 4

The update process is pretty much unattended, your PC will display a dialog box with confirming the update process drivers are getting installed.

However the software may take hours to download the data from sony server for the update process. Once done, you may safely disconnect the USB cable and start your device.

Sony X10 / x10 mini pro should now reboot as a new device with factory settings restored.

By IMeNu.

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Hi to you! I have a question. If i cannot access my phone because it will not open even if i know my google account what will i do? Theirs a two security question (my google account and where is my birth place) but i cannot remember my birth place so i stick with google account but it always say invalid username and password ..... please help.

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